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Enterprises need to know that their valuable information is safe and secure. The Next-Generation Firewall XTM 2050 succeeds in doing this, while also factoring in affordability and ease of use. This is a top of the line, multi-gigabit Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) that secures corporate Internet traffic against hackers, malware, network attacks, intrusion attempts, data theft, and other cybercrime while securely connecting offices, remote and virtual employees, and providing real-time and historical visibility into security and user events. The hardware in the NGFW XTM 2050 is superior to its competitors with dual, hot swap power supplies, hot swap fans, and swappable NICS and hard drives.

Many hardware configurations are available to suit your needs.

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Security software bundles can be tailored for your degree of security risk-aversion.  Turn your WatchGuard physical or virtual security appliances into a complete threat management solution with WatchGuard Security Suite.  Want it All?  We'll create a Bundle with a new XTM security appliance where you save!