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RAID and Networks



Premium Features Enhance Your Storage Applications

Get even more performance and data protection with Premium Features for Intel® RAID solutions. When combined with Intel® RAID controllers, you can further enhance storage applications and deliver higher ROI for your server boards and systems.



Intel® Ethernet Server

and Desktop Adapters


Connectivity you can count on.


Compatibility tested for trouble-free interoperability with network infrastructure elements.


Broad selection from 10/100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, for copper or fiber, from PCI to PCI Express*, BASE-T to SFP+, with network reach from 1 meter to 10 kilometers and in single- to quad-port configurations. Other form factors including custom mezzanine cards and express modules are available upon request.


Performance and reliability backed by more than 25 years of network connectivity experience and Intel worldwide customer support.


Easy installation and management with Intel® PROSet for Windows Device Manager* and other tools.


Worldwide availability and environmentally friendly for compliance with global market requirements.


Unified Networking enables cost-effective connectivity to the LAN and the SAN on the same Ethernet fabric.


Intel® VT-c is a collection of I/O virtualization technologies that lower CPU utilization, reduce system latency, and improve networking and I/O throughput.